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I've worn many hats over the years. I use that experience to my advantage, bringing a wide range of skills to come up with creative solutions to pestering problems.

I studied classical bass performance at SF State, focusing on chamber music. I then went on to earn my graduate degree in music education from Holy Names University in Oakland. After having spent more than ten years teaching and studying, I decided to try making a living as a performer full-time (after finishing grad school, I figured it would be my last chance to try out that lifestyle). In 2015, I managed to schedule more performances, recordings, and rehearsals than there were days in the year!

After that, I was offered an apprenticeship as a bass luthier under Gael McKeon as well as a job transcribing popular music for Ubisoft. After a few years, the quadruple job hopping between repairing double basses, transcribing music, performing, and keeping a lively private lesson studio got to be too much. I had been growing steadily into a solid game design role at Ubisoft, and always having been an armchair game designer, I decided to follow the opportunity and become a full-time designer. I have since shifted into video game production, and serve as a producer for the NBA2K franchise.


I have also worked closely with composers in the video game and animation industries. Most notably, I can be heard playing upright and electric bass for Steven Universe The Movie, and Steven Universe Future.

I am a founding member of the Awesome Orchestra, and play in the all-original band, Girl Swallows Nightingale.

I am always available for on-demand recording, performance, and/or lesson work.

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